Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Open mouth, insert foot. Sticky subject

Before I had my daughter I was one of those people. You know one of those people who thought stay at home moms had it easy. To be fair my mom always had a job when I was little. I got my first job at 15 and had one pretty much from then on. I never knew a lot of stay at home moms first hand. I thought the idea sounded like a dream. Stay home all day, sleep in, watch t.v., shop, play with the kiddos, maybe do a little housework here and there, but for the most part easy peasy. I worked up until I was put on bed rest. I had planned on going back as soon as my 6 week maternity leave was up. Well other things happened and by the time I was well enough to return my hubby had gotten a position where I would be able to stay at home. This is where I open my mouth and insert my foot!!!! Jeeze people I am on 24/7. As I have said before I blow at housework but I am never at a loss for something to do. It is exhausting! Another aspect that I didn't really think about is that its a thankless job. When you work out of the home you can see a pay check for your hard work, you can get promotions, awards, or at least end the work day not sticky. I am not complaining though cause even though the work is hard and the hours are long my paychecks come in sticky kisses, silly giggles, and funny faces. So I think its hard both ways, staying home and working outside the home. Being a mommy is difficult no matter how its done! Now to go wash all this sticky off!

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