Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We do it for the kids!

So I fell of the wagon! Not that wagon, the blogging wagon. Y'all know how life gets in the way sometimes. Got busy, had a migraine, was tired, excuse, excuse, and more excuses. It really doesn't matter but I am writing now. So mini and I bought some pumpkins today. I figured it was close enough to Halloween that they might not rot. Mini got crazy picking them out she was so excited to get "Punks" as she called them. So we got a big one and a small one. I brought them home with the best intentions of being crafty and carving them up all neat like. Well bout two seconds in to cutting the top off the small one I realized it's BANANAS what we do for our kids. The carving kit I bought was useless so I whipped out the butcher knife planning on making quick work of the small pumpkin. After I almost stabbed myself, numerous times, I gave up and just told mini we would decorate hers on the outside and let daddy help cut up the big one. As I almost carved up myself I was reminded of when my mom almost cut her finger off trying to cut up a frozen chocolate Easter bunny I INSISTED on eating when i was around 4 years old. The things we do for our kids. Anyway we painted hers and I let her pour copious amounts of glitter on it. I doubt she cares that it wasn't carved I mean she's 1. Either way we had fun making a mess. Not as much fun cleaning it up. Her bathtub now has a glitter ring but just like all these crazy things we do for our kids, totally worth it!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sorry for bragging

So tonight's post is just me bragging. Sorry It's happening. So we draw outside with sidewalk chalk, a lot. We always start by writing my mini's name. We spell it out as we write the letters. Then we point to mini and say that's your name. Okay so today I did the whole thing and gave mini the chalk.

So yeah my 17 month old drew a W and said "me"!  I am so proud! Okay crazy mom moment. Sorry people that just the way her name starts with a W, just to clear up any confusion.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Open mouth, insert foot. Sticky subject

Before I had my daughter I was one of those people. You know one of those people who thought stay at home moms had it easy. To be fair my mom always had a job when I was little. I got my first job at 15 and had one pretty much from then on. I never knew a lot of stay at home moms first hand. I thought the idea sounded like a dream. Stay home all day, sleep in, watch t.v., shop, play with the kiddos, maybe do a little housework here and there, but for the most part easy peasy. I worked up until I was put on bed rest. I had planned on going back as soon as my 6 week maternity leave was up. Well other things happened and by the time I was well enough to return my hubby had gotten a position where I would be able to stay at home. This is where I open my mouth and insert my foot!!!! Jeeze people I am on 24/7. As I have said before I blow at housework but I am never at a loss for something to do. It is exhausting! Another aspect that I didn't really think about is that its a thankless job. When you work out of the home you can see a pay check for your hard work, you can get promotions, awards, or at least end the work day not sticky. I am not complaining though cause even though the work is hard and the hours are long my paychecks come in sticky kisses, silly giggles, and funny faces. So I think its hard both ways, staying home and working outside the home. Being a mommy is difficult no matter how its done! Now to go wash all this sticky off!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Know your place!

Ok so let me preface this by saying I am a pretty private person. Yes I enjoy showing off my mini on Facebook,  and occasionally I comment here and there but for the most part I keep my business locked down. One of my favorite lines from a song is " if you never say your name out loud to anyone they can never ever call you by it". To me it says, if people don't know your opinions (for example) they can't throw them back in your face. Anyway what I am getting at is that this blog is a huge departure for me. It may not be profound but it is personal. Most feedback has been positive which I greatly appreciate. Just like anything in life some positive reinforcement can really amp up your drive. With that said just a drop of negative can sour the whole pool. Now don't get me wrong I am not some delicate flower that must be sidestepped lest all my petals fall. I'm a pretty tough cookie. Still this blog is like an open wound I'm letting everyone examine. So don't put salt in it for fun. The negative feedback is partly my own fault, for I choose some friends simply because the are snarky A-holes. I should not be surprised when they act like it. I may not have all my commas in the right place but my heart is, can you say the same? Rant complete.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rain and Scorpions

It's a rainy day in Bama y'all. Cloudy, rainy, and down right yucky all day long. Sometimes days like this are enjoyable but not today. Boredom is setting in over here! My hubby is snoring on the couch and my kid has taken her pants off and is running around mooing like a cow. I'm just focusing on not raiding the pantry and laying waste to every chip, cookie, candy and snack we own. Oh and the margaritas. I'm not much of a drinker especially after my bowel resection, it's hard on the tum tum y'all, but we have good tequila and's calling my name. I guess I'll wait till bitty is in bed.
Another thing bout the rain is it drives the bugs in. I do not like bugs! I know circle of life, ecosystem, blah blah blah, NO I'll have none of it! I have killed 5 scorpions, in the house, over the past couple of weeks. Yeck!! Did u know scorpions are in the arachnid family? Well they are a spider's skanky cousin. I abhor them! They got pinchers and a stinger, really is all that necessary?!? I think not! I'm petrified of stepping on one! This is what happens when you live in the woods.
I'm going to publix soon to get us a delicious home made meal. Yea so what if it was made in someone elses home (or grocery store). I don't really want to venture out in the rain but I want to cook even less! Alright going to put on my rain boots. Watch out for those scorpions they are nasty little critters!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shooting and blessing

So I missed it yesterday, so shoot me! No really shoot me! So I have a baby with Rosiola (not sure if I spelled that correctly and no offense but I don't care enough to look it up) and a raging double ear infection. Bless her heart y'all! No really bless my babies heart! Ok I'm finished y'all have your homework, shoot me and bless my baby! ....please don't really shoot me, I was trying to turn a phrase...unsuccessfully.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little TMI

As I sit here being fed cup after cup of imaginary food I realize how blessed I truly am. A year and a half ago we weren't sure if I would be alive to eat imaginary food or enjoy my baby girl at all. After a difficult pregnancy ending in an emergency c-section we had a tiny but healthy baby girl, hooray, but that's when things started going downhill. I never felt right after the c-section. My obgyn passed it off as neurotic, hormonal new mom but I knew I didn't feel right. After two weeks home I was feeling awful. I hadn't eaten anything and I was so sick. My mom and hubby finally forced me to go to the E.R. They found that I was bleeding internally. I had a severe infection from the bleeding and I had lost a lot of blood. After some antibiotics and a blood transfusion with a couple units of blood we thought the worst had passed. We were wrong again. My body couldn't handle the amount of blood that I had bled out and was still in my abdomen. The pressure from the bleeding caused my intestines to rupture. WARNING: Kinda nasty medical stuff....squeamish turn away now.... Ok I warned you. Anyway all the blood and infection and stuff from my intestines had to go somewhere so it went to the path of least resistance, my c-section scar. I literally exploded it was the most horrifying experience of my life. So after it started draining everyone thought the worst had passed, again we were wrong. Turns out my intestines were literally coming out of my c-section scar. Anything I ate come right back out, yup you guessed it, through my scar. After a month in the hospital they finally figured out what was wrong. My body created it own ostomy and I went home with an ostomy bag attached to my scar, a picc line [long term IV], and a prescription for TPN [IV food]. I spent 5 months on TPN and was not allowed to eat a bite of food in hopes my intestine would heal on its own and my scar would close. The scar did close numerous times but only to be filled with infection and have to be cut open and drained in the hospital. Finally in October, 7 months after my daughter was born, I ended up having a bowel resection to remove the intestines from my stomach wall and cut the damaged pieces out. After the surgery we found out I had three sections that had to be removed. I healed well after the surgery and FINALLY the worst was over. I will never be the same physically or mentally. It was a horrible experience for my whole family. My family had to take care of a newborn while worrying about losing me. The worst part for me was missing out on the first few months of my child's life from being in and out of the hospital and on so much medication. The funny thing is the worst experience of my life came from the best experience of my life. Do I wish it had gone differently, ABSOLUTELY. Would I do it all over again to have my baby, ABSOLUTELY. Silver lining is that it did make me appreciate what I have more. Sorry for the TMI but I had to tell this story! Well excuse me I have some imaginary food to eat!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I could use a nap!

Hello and Hi to the interwebs. Gawd I feel like I was hit by a large truck carrying cement blocks. My Mini has been sick the past week and a half and its taking its toll on mommy. We had a rough doctor visit monday yeesh! Wouldn't you just cut off your arm not to have your babies be sick! When I said this to by hubby he said "Hopefully it won't come to that" (dork), but y'all know what im getting at. Anyway...Is it just me or does anyone else find themselves sucked in to their childrens programming? Mini is napping and im watching VocabuLarry!?! Its a glamourous life y'all! Ok so I'm not sure if its the  sleep deprevation or lack of caffine, still on my first cup of coffee, but I am officially rambling. OK lets bring it back in. So Mini's been sick, my sweet hubby has worked 7 straight, and mommy is sleep depraved....We're a grumpy bunch to say the least! Oh well hubs and I will get sleep and Mini will get better and life will go on.
I feel like blogging is similar to an AA meeting, DISCLAIMER: I have never been to an AA meeting but I watch a lot of tv so I get the idea. Anyway I think the first couple blogs are like "Hi my name is Jade and I am a blogger". Then the next few I share my deep dark blogging secrets. I don't really have any juicy secrets so don't get your hopes up but I do hope to get more indepth with y'all over the next month! Alright I have stuff to do, people to feed, places to go, a tiny person to raise. Till tomorrow....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gotta start somewhere....

Where to begin?.....Well I guess ill start with why. Why am I blogging? I really have no clue honestly. The past two years have been a total whirlwind for me. Got married, got pregnant, got sick, had a baby, got sicker, quit my job, moved states and officially became a stay at home diva. I call myself a stay at home diva because I am not your typical stay at home mom, at least I don't think so. I am not making play doh, I am not cooking crazy off the wall 5 course meals, I suck at house work, and the laundry only gets done out of sheer necessity. I basically enjoy having tea parties, playing with sidewalk chalk, playing in the sprinkler, shopping, reading (for my own pleasure and for my mini's enjoyment) and all the basic joys of chasing around a tiny monster I created, literally and figuratively. Anyway I thought starting a blog might be cathartic after the crazy two years. Maybe if I put it down in writing it will get out of my head. Today's blog was a lot of lists, Ill try to do better next time. Oh and I was not an English major so don't be to harsh with my grammar and awful use of the English language in general! Well that's all for today I have to go take the bucket off my child's head before she runs into the wall again.